“An actively managed portfolio…”

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“I have nothing but good things to say about Blue Chip Partners. We have only been clients less than a year but feel very confident in placing our trust in this firm. We had been with a large, well known franchise investment company but decided to transfer our funds as the market became scary. We wanted to have more of an actively managed portfolio during the market’s staggering moves. Thank goodness we made that choice! I feel that we are in a much better position than if we had stayed put. Nearing retirement was also a consideration because we felt that we would need more guidance in that scenario. We receive continuous updates as changes are made to adjust the holdings in our account. So far, we would say it has been a great experience. Everyone we have dealt with in the office is a pleasure to work with as well. I guess I should mention that we learned about Blue Chip Partners from good friends that have trusted them for years. After scheduling a meeting to discuss moving our investments we knew this would be a perfect fit for us. And the transfer of our investments was handled swiftly and without any drama. We are very relieved to know our money is being watched over more closely now. Thank you, Blue Chip Partners!”

~ Liz H.