Make sure your estate plan matches your intentions.

“Estate planning is one of the most neglected areas of wealth management. We find clients often check the box but fail to update their plan. We review estate plans with an eye towards confirming the plan reflects your current wishes and the right people are named to step in once you are no longer able. Where appropriate, we encourage clients to make gifts so they may experience the satisfaction of seeing family benefit from their success.”

-Timothy Reaume
Senior Financial Advisor

The right financial advisor turns estate planning into legacy planning.



Estate planning needs are dynamic and constantly evolving. Changes in family circumstances, net worth, and/or charitable intentions are just a few reasons why an estate plan may require updating.


Our financial advisors work closely with your attorney to ensure that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes and in the most efficient way possible.


We make sure your estate plan is not only in place but funded. Estate planning vehicles are only as good as your utilization of them, and it's important to transfer assets into appropriately-titled accounts. Proper asset titling can avoid taxes and legal delays, and ensures these assets are bequeathed according to plan.

Effective estate planning is particularly important as your wealth increases. Our financial advisors can help you revisit your estate plan periodically as you add different types of assets and investments to your portfolio.

Blue Chip Partners will be there when your estate plan should be reevaluated, whether due to changing state and federal estate tax laws or the evolution of your own goals.

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