Tax savings requires tax planning.

“Taxes are real dollars that come out of our clients' pockets. While we are not in the tax preparation business, we do ask each client to provide a copy of their income tax return on an annual basis. We take pride in our ability to scrutinize their return and identify tax saving opportunities.”

-Jonathan Johnson
Financial Advisor

Communication is key to effective tax planning.


We review your tax return as part of our comprehensive advisory process. We will also work with your tax consultant or preparer whenever appropriate.

Effective tax planning is ongoing. Blue Chip Partners will recommend valuable, proactive steps year-round to minimize the impact of taxes on your wealth. This is especially important for retired clients whose tax planning strategies are focused on managing distributions from retirement and non-retirement accounts.

Our clients know they can rely on us. Our client teams always include professionals who are well versed in tax matters and track new tax laws that could impact our clients’ wealth management.

Let’s schedule your financial consultation.