Owning market leading businesses is the foundation of our investment management strategy.

“Prudent investment management is the backbone of any successful financial plan. Blue Chip’s in-house investment department applies a time-tested, quality-focused investment philosophy and abides by a disciplined investment process to construct allocations built for the long-term. Our dedicated investment team manages every facet of the process, and the use of individual stocks allows client portfolios to be nimbler, more efficient, and personalized.”

-Daniel Dusina
Director Of Investments

How we manage your investments:


Blue Chip Partners places a high priority in understanding your full financial situation. We make investment decisions and tax recommendations that are focused on helping you make progress toward your wealth management goals.

We regularly monitor your investment portfolio and communicate our analysis in a timely manner. Since we are actively involved in the management of your portfolio, we are well positioned to act during positive and negative market conditions.

If you are an executive who receives equity compensation, we take this into account when constructing your portfolio. We also provide advice about when to sell or hold your company stock that considers technical analysis, the fundamental outlook, and applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Our investment approach increases our accountability to you, and also helps to reduce investment-related fees. Our hands-on approach allows us to minimize reliance on outside account managers, mutual funds, and other vehicles that could add to your costs without necessarily adding value in return.

When looking for a financial advisor dedicated to your personal wealth management, look no further than Blue Chip Partners. Our firm is dedicated to helping you achieve your individual goals and ambitions.

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