Retirement planning should be personalized.

“It is only natural to view retirement as an event when in reality it is a stage of life likely to last longer than the time you spent in school. We find that the fear of potentially becoming a financial burden to family results in many people not fully enjoying the retirement they have earned. We take an active role in helping you prepare your bucket list and provide the analysis required to install the confidence that you can pursue your dreams.”

-Naoko Mckelvey
Senior Financial Advisor

You should expect reliable cash flow in retirement.


Effective retirement planning focuses on how to generate the annual cash flow you need to support your lifestyle.

We begin with an assessment of cash needs for retirement and fixed sources of income, including Social Security and any pension benefits. Choosing when to take Social Security and whether to elect a lump sum pension distribution can be some of the most consequential decisions you will make during retirement. These decisions must be approached strategically.

Next, we focus on identifying the right mix of planned distributions from your tax-deferred retirement accounts and your non-retirement assets. This evaluation can help reduce your tax obligations, helping to increase the longevity of your wealth.

What sets our approach apart is the individualized, professional guidance we provide to our clients.

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