Total Wealth Blueprint

Your Blueprint

You would never consider building a home without detailed blueprints. In fact, the law requires detailed plans and specific approvals throughout the entire process. However, a blueprint is not as simple as just the floor plan; it takes into account the plumbing, heating and other “unseen” aspects of your home. The reality is that when it comes to one’s “financial house,” far too many people proceed without a formalized blueprint.

 Total Wealth Blueprint

Our Total Wealth Blueprint process, recognizing these often unaddressed aspects, takes a comprehensive approach to identifying any weaknesses in your financial house. Specifically, we conduct a detailed review of the five pillars that are the foundation of your financial house:


We incorporate your tax returns in our investment analysis with a professional eye towards finding overlooked tax saving opportunities.


We evaluate your current portfolio paying special attention to whether it is appropriately diversified and truly reflects your ability to accept risk.

Estate Plan

We review your plan with a focus on modifications that may be advisable due to changes in family circumstances and tax laws.


We research whether coverage is adequate and whether there are opportunities to lower overall cost.


We focus on defining the amount of income needed in retirement and develop a strategy to generate cash flow in the most tax-efficient manner.

Creating Your Total Wealth Blueprint

Discovery Meeting

Our process begins with a series of questions designed to help us gain an appreciation of “your world.” During the Discovery Meeting we will strive to learn as much as possible about your family; career and retirement plans; investment experience; and core concerns. We also ask that you bring specific documents to the meeting.

At the conclusion of our Discovery Meeting, we are usually able to quote a fixed-fee for the preparation of your Total Wealth Blueprint. We have found that the fixed-fee approach, compared to the traditional hourly approach used by most professionals, encourages more detailed, open communication. Fees vary based on the complexity of your individual circumstances. All fees will be fully disclosed up front during your free, no-obligation initial meeting.