Shannon O'Brien-Watt
Client Service Associate

Shannon is a Client Service Associate at Blue Chip Partners.

Prior to joining Blue Chip Partners in 2018, Shannon worked in her family business. Shannon started as the receptionist at Blue Chip Partners and has advanced to become a valuable member of our Client Service team.

Shannon is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University, where she earned her degree in social work.

Shannon enjoys spending time with her family, singing, and traveling in her free time.

What is the most interesting class you have taken in your studies?

American Sign Language. My teacher was deaf, so he communicated primarily through signing. Taking this class not only gave me an enormous appreciation for the deaf community, but also taught me how important non-verbal communication is. I believe ASL should be included as one of the language classes taught in schools.

What do you love about working at Blue Chip Partners?

I feel extremely lucky to work with and for such genuine people. No matter what your position is here, everyone makes it a point to support one another. You don’t find that just anywhere.

If you could live in any part of the world’s history, what would it be?

I would definitely live in the 70’s. Everything seemed so simple and carefree back then. No cellphones, no social media, just old-fashioned fun!

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