Georgia McGovern
Relationship Manager


Phone: 248-848-1111

Georgia is Relationship Manager at Blue Chip Partners.

Prior to joining Blue Chip Partners in 2017, Georgia spent over 25 years in the financial services industry. Georgia spent four years at Blue Chip Partners in a Relationship Manager role and originally planned to retire in 2021. After some persuasion, she agreed to stay on a part-time basis as a Relationship Manager.

Georgia enjoys walking her Brittany, Tess, cooking, and reading. Georgia and her husband Jim enjoy time with their four children and their six grandchildren.

What is your biggest success?

My children. They’re kind, considerate, good-hearted people. I feel like I’ve made the world a better place with them in it.

What is the most impactful place you have visited and why?

Washington, DC. The memorials to those that have fought for our freedom (the numbers are staggering) and our freedom itself should not be taken for granted.

What is the background image on your computer?

My dog, Tess. She’s our third Brittany.

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