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Georgia McGovern

Relationship Manager

Georgia joined Blue Chip Partners in September 2017 as a relationship manager. Her career has always included client service, a role she is passionate about. Within her career, over 25 years have been spent in the financial services industry. Georgia was the general manager of a tier-one supplier to General Motors for six years. Her love of cooking segued her into catering. The draw of a more desirable 9 to 5 business pulled her back to the financial services industry. As a Relationship Manger, Georgia’s primary responsibility is working closely with Robert Steinberg and the firm’s clients.

Georgia and her husband, Jim, hail from the Philadelphia suburbs. They lived in Scotland and England prior to moving to Michigan where they raised their four children. They have five grandchildren that now live in California. She’s been in a book club for 15 years and enjoys cooking and traveling to Los Angeles and San Francisco to see her family.


Interesting Facts About Georgia

What is your biggest success?

  • My children, they’re kind, considerate, good-hearted people. I feel like I’ve made the world a better place with them in it. 

What is the most impactful place you have visited and why?

  • Washington, DC. The memorials to those that have fought for our freedom, the numbers are staggering, and our freedom should not be taken for granted. 

What is the background image on your computer?

  • My dog, Tess. She’s our third Brittany. 

Sitting alone in a big field under the stars, what are you thinking about?

  • How awesome the universe is! 

Name a turning point in your life that makes you smile or cry.

  • I was delivering the speech at our class capping when I was in nursing school; we were in a very large church in Philadelphia. My husband, not at that time, came walking in during my speech. He walked down the side isle and he was in his Navy uniform. I still smile at that vision. 

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