Investment Management

Your Portfolio

Blue Chip’s investment philosophy revolves around the management of high-quality companies that pay and grow dividends. Since dividends represent actual cash flow - not paper profits - we can integrate a diversified, predictable, and growing income stream into your long-term financial plan.

Our Core Investment Philosophy

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The Blue Chip Core 25 Stock Model generally represents at least 80% of the equity allocation with the remaining 20% allocated to stocks that do not meet our strict dividend criteria. Depending on your risk tolerance, a client’s portfolio will also usually include an allocation to a variety of Fixed-Income ETFs and/or actively managed mutual funds.

+ dividends are not guaranteed and must be authorized by a company’s board of directors
* an unmanaged index of 500 widely-held stocks that is generally considered representative of the U.S. stock market

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The management of your investments is critical to the achievement of your long-term goals. Blue Chip Partners, through its Investment Committee, personally manages your investment portfolio. Blue Chip client portfolios own large, industry-leading companies, most of which have a long-term track record of paying and growing dividends. For most investors, Blue Chip feels the potential return that may be earned by owning a small company or international holdings is not worth the additional risk. By personally managing your portfolio and not relying on third-party equity managers, an additional level of fees is avoided. With Blue Chip, you get a highly credentialled team of advisors uniquely qualified to manage your investments.

Proactive Management

The Investment Committee of Blue Chip Partners is proactively managing your portfolio. We meet weekly to review the positions held in our models. Next, we review monthly performance on an account level for all clients. Finally, our advisors conduct a detailed review of your quarterly report for rebalancing opportunities or other appropriate adjustments.

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Our philosophy is consistently applied to all client portfolios; those portfolios, however, are not all the same. Your specific circumstances and requirements are carefully considered and reflected in the construction and maintenance of your individual portfolio. For example, a “legacy” position that may have a very low-cost basis or that may have a particular attraction to you can be retained. Modest adjustments to reflect current income needs can also be individually addressed through the specific selection of dividend-paying equities or through adjustments to the stock/bond mix.

Keep in mind that there is no assurance that this or any strategy will ultimately be successful or profitable.

Concierge Level Service

As a client of Blue Chip Partners, you will be served by the entire Blue Chip Partners team. Under our highly personalized investment process, you will have a one-on-one relationship with your primary advisor who is responsible for the daily management of your portfolio. In addition, your primary advisor will maintain regular contact with you, including the coordination of face-to-face meetings, and will be available to respond to your questions as they arise. You will also have a secondary advisor who is familiar with your personal situation.