Trevor Sibel
Investment Operations Analyst

Trevor is the Investment Operations Analyst at Blue Chip Partners.

Prior to joining Blue Chip in 2022, Trevor spent two years as an analyst at Hantz Group, and a year as an underwriter in the mortgage industry.

Trevor graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor's in Finance, magna cum laude.

Trevor enjoys rock wall climbing, swimming, practicing calligraphy, and researching topics of interest.

What is one of your indulgences/splurges?

I like to make myself a fancy dinner on occasion as a reward. My most successful was an amazing surf and turf with an au jus made from scratch.

What do you do to relax?

I like to spend my time out with friends when I need to relax and unwind. The location is less important in comparison to the people I spend my time with.

What did you learn in kindergarten that you still apply today?

Two things: sharing is caring, and teamwork makes the dream work. These two lessons have coincided for me. Give of yourself, and the world will give back. Give your greatest skills and efforts to your team, and both you and the team will benefit from it. These two principles are put into practice every day in the hallways of Blue Chip.

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