Corporate Executives

As an executive at a publicly traded company, you face unique challenges when creating and managing your personal financial plan. The time you dedicate to your family and career makes it nearly impossible to devote the proper attention to your finances.

Issues such as stock option planning, regulatory and company trading restrictions, and concentrations in company stock are very common. Many of the strategies unique to executives can be complicated, requiring navigation through various legal, tax and estate planning concepts.

We understand these complexities and have the expertise to combine many issues into a comprehensive strategy. Our process involves evaluating your situation individually and tailoring solutions around your unique circumstances.

Delegate Confidently.

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Stock Option Planning

You likely receive a significant portion of your compensation in the form of stock options (incentive and non-qualified). Planning for the exercise of employer stock options can be complicated. Strategies may include:

  • funding for an option exercise in cash or with borrowed funds
  • cashless exercise
  • stock swap

There are also tax issues to consider that include:

  • timing of taxable events
  • possible exposure to alternative minimum tax (AMT)
Restricted Stock Sales

“Restricted stock” refers to shares that are unregistered or shares held by corporate insiders, whether or not such shares are registered. Restrictions can take several forms:

  • regulatory
  • contractual
  • corporate

We can help you navigate the various requirements of Rule 144 and Section 16 should you decide to transact in restricted securities.

Concentrated Equity

You may hold a highly concentrated position in your company stock. If so, it is important to consider additional factors when balancing your personal finances with your responsibility to company shareholders. There are a variety of solutions available to address a concentration in company stock including, but not limited to:

  • hedging
  • monetization
  • tax-efficient diversification
  • tax-efficient gifting
Affiliate Transaction Plans

Affiliate transaction plans (10b5-1 plans) offer a valuable solution if you are prohibited from executing trades in your employers’ stock for multiple months of the year (blackout periods). We can help you determine the input that best fits your objectives and facilitate the execution of a 10b5-1 plan.

Cash Management and Lending Solutions

As a corporate executive, you often need access to quick and easy liquidity. For instance, cash from a loan against existing investments (a margin loan) may be used to fund a stock option exercise. Our custodians offer a variety of lending solutions at competitive rates

In addition, we can provide the products needed for personal day-to-day cash management such as:

  • check writing
  • debit cards
  • ATM access
  • electronic bill payment
  • credit cards with rewards

Margin may not be suitable for all clients. Borrowing on margin and using securities as collateral may involve a high degree of risk and the potential for losses can be magnified. The interest rates charged are determined by the amount borrowed. Please consult your financial advisor or visit for additional information.